FileMan Sales and Sales Management Training Course


The FileMan Sales and Sales Management Training Course is unique in the RIM Services Industry. This course has been designed to assist RIM Professionals to understand and use the Consultative Selling approach.

The development of this course represents the results of 35 years of FileMan training and consulting for more than 500 RIM Services companies in 39 countries. It has been developed to simplify the start-up process by delivering a road-map to potential operators. This Course contains the collected knowledge of hundreds of successful businesses.


FileMan’s Training Model is specifically tailored to Records and Information Management.  It emphasizes a Measurable Multi-Stepped Model designed to assist the buyer in identifying his or her needs, and then suggesting products or services that satisfy those needs. Consultative Sales is a method in which a salesperson plays the role of a consultant.  As a Consultant, we put on an analyst’s hat.  Initially we will not sell Products or Services or even Features, Advantages or Benefits. We will sell a “Needs Assessment or Survey” which will develop the buyer’s actual needs.


For many sales representatives this approach is quite different from selling a tangible product. It requires that you act as though you don’t have a specific solution for their problem.  It is true to say that you don’t initially know what they need regardless of what you sell.  Of course you do have a Book of Services and brochures in your brief case, but if you pull one out too early it could be the wrong one and that could kill the sales call.


What we are after in Consultative Selling is a comprehensive solution with a long term relationship.  The best adage to adopt is similar to going to a doctor.  When you walk into the examination room, the doctor greets you and says something like, “How can I help you today?”  You might say, “I have a pain in my stomach.” The doctor may do a cursory review of your vital signs but then probably would recommend a test or some further examination.  Why wouldn’t he prescribe a pill or a treatment right there?  Simple – it could be malpractice.  He does not yet know what is wrong with you. It could be anything from something simple to something serious.  So, what does he do?  He orders some tests and further examination in order to diagnose the problem so that he can provide a solution.


It is presumptuous for you to assume that you understand the prospect’s problem on the telephone or even on the first face-to-face encounter.  Like the doctor you need to assess his problem, known in the sales world as his “Pain.”  The most common way to do this is to suggest that he allow you to conduct a Needs Assessment.  This is usually at no cost to the buyer but, of course, isn’t free. It requires you to make an investment of time and talent to help in the decision making process. It does cost you money and time but you are willing to provide that in order to determine if you can help him.


Most, if not all, Consultative Selling Programs include a step-by-step approach.


The FileMan Model is made up of Seven Steps with Activities, Goals and a Timeline for each step. This model sets in place a benchmark to measure against.


Step # 1 is Prospecting – Converting a Suspect to a Prospect

Its goal is to set a first confirmed 15 minute face-to-face appointment with a decision maker.

Step #2 is the Initial Face-to- Face Sales Call – Developing and Qualifying the Prospect by Selling a Needs Assessment

Its goal is to gain agreement from the prospect decision maker to allow you to do a Needs Assessment.

Step # 3 is Performing the Needs Assessment and to Confirm the Prospects Interest and to Gain Commitment

Its goal is to understand the prospects issues, pain, and implementation logistics and to determine how your services may match the prospects needs.

Step # 4 is Gain Prospects Agreement on the Issues while Formulating the Solutions

This is part of the discovery process, not time to sell.  All we want is agreement on the issues.

Step # 5 is Create and Plan the Proposal and the Presentation

This course includes samples and instructions to help you accomplish this with minimal effort.

Step # 6 is Present and Negotiate a Signed Agreement

The FileMan process provides specific techniques to accomplish this.

Step # 7 is Implementation and Gather a Satisfaction Assessment

The goal is to ensure all aspects of the implementation plan are completed including conducting a Satisfaction Survey and reviewing the first invoice with the client in a face-to-face meeting.


You can expect from this course a full understanding of Consultative Selling, the Steps and Activities that assures results. These are modeled after the best sales practices in use today.


You will have access to the collective knowledge of the best sales representatives gathered though decades of excellent selling skills.


You will learn how to become your own sales manager and how to manage a sales force.


You will know and understand what attributes makes a good sales representative, how to incent him or her and how to maximize your sales goals.


Remember in business, nothing happens until the sale is made!


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


Lessons Included

Lesson 1   – Setting up Your Sales & Sales Management Program

Lesson 2   – Defining your Services Policy Guidebook

Lesson 3   – Determining Your Market Size and Scope

Lesson 4   – Hunting and Farming

Lesson 5   – Creating Sales Expectations, Benchmarks and Compensation

Lesson 6   – Preparation for Prospecting

Lesson 7   – Importance of a Pre-Call Plan and Initial Benefit Statement

Lesson 8   – Objection Handling

Lesson 9   – Prospecting – Identify and Make Initial Contact

Lesson 10 – First 15 Minute Face-to-Face Prospect Meeting

Lesson 11 – Understanding the Importance of the Needs Assessment

Lesson 12 – Performing the Needs Assessment

Lesson 13 – Gathering Results of the Needs Assessment

Lesson 14 – Negotiating & Validating the Needs Assessment Findings

Lesson 15 – Creating the Proposal & Cost/Benefit Package

Lesson 16 – Creating & Negotiating the Implementation Plan

Lesson 17 – Preparing for the Close

Lesson 18 – Negotiating the Agreement & Closing the Deal

Lesson 19 – Implementation & Validation Process with Client

Lesson 20 – Interview

Here’s what you’ll get in the course

DVD The FileMan Sales and Sales Management Training Course Overview
CD Wallet 20 Audio CDs with supporting Lessons for the FileMan Sales Training process
MP3 CD Audio sessions about Lessons 1- 20, in MP3 format for easy download to your portable media device or Smartphone
Data CD Digital Documents containing the editable templates for your ACT™ or Salesforce™ Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system, as well as other support materials
Binder Comprehensive Support Materials Binder, contains over 350 pages of FileMan tools, resources and scripts, plus a wealth of other great materials to help improve your sales efforts
Binder The Sales Prospect Binder, for tracking prospects through the FileMan sales process.
Manual The FileMan 7 Step Consultative Selling Process
Manual The FileMan Sales & Sales Management Process Guide
Manual Hiring Your Next Sales Star
Manual FileMan Strategic Records Retention Scheduling Guidebook


Here are some of the great things you’ll receive:

  • Service policy description examples
  • Powerful questions guaranteed to uncover client needs
  • Typical prospect objections with tips and specific techniques to respond and reduce your anxiety
  • Benefit statement examples that capture prospects’ interest and attention
  • Questions to identify the decision maker in a prospect company
  • Pre-call planning strategies and checklists for every stage of the selling process
  • Complete client needs assessment preparation requirements, questionnaires, checklists and non-disclosure agreement
  • Sample issues statements to provide a prospect during needs validation process
  • Sample client proposal for formal client presentation
  • A sample 30 day, 10 step implementation schedule structure and process
  • Sales person recruitment and hiring techniques plus compensation strategies and options
  • 30, 60, 90, 180 and 360 day expectations and benchmarks for sales people
  • Records retention scheduling concepts for rapid staff education
  • And a whole lot more